Family Business Confidential

FBC-Family Business Confidential

At Family Business Central, we understand that family businesses are complicated.

The mix of love, money and business is potent.

One of the most challenging things about being in a family business is that there is often no one to talk to about the critical issues you face… especially when they involve family and business.

That is why we facilitate our unique group sessions – Family Business Confidential.

While other business groups offer great support for specific business issues, none can manage the combination of family, succession and business.

Family Business Confidential groups consist of family members meeting with other family members from non-competing businesses 10 times a year.

In these sessions you can discuss you, your family and the business and how they all impact on and interact with each other.

Meetings are led by facilitators who are experts in psychology and business and who have years of family and business experience. Family Business Confidential sessions are seen as a critical part of many family businesses’ success.

Family Business Confidential sessions

In your group you are able to:

  • Talk confidentially about the core issues you face in your business and family
  • Share and learn from your peers about how they manage family and business
  • Share growth strategies and commercial experience across a variety of industries
  • Share ideas and methods of managing succession effectively
  • Learn what others are doing in all areas of their business

Sessions are confidential, effective and invaluable to you and your business!

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