Family Business Central is a world-leading consultancy, advising family businesses throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Family Business Central is a world-leading consultancy, advising family businesses throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Grow your family and business capital

Family Business 101 Workshops

If you are a family business, you are not just another SME! There are important issues that are unique to family businesses that you need to get your head around.

The team at Family Business Central runs informative two hour sessions that are a fantastic opportunity to get an update on what you need to do … as a family and as a business.

Family Charters are emotionally, not legally, binding — Why this is a critical difference

A family charter is essential for any family business that wants to build and maintain good family relationships and build a successful long-term business. It is a document utterly central to guiding the family in how they conduct themselves as a family and as a business gets its authority from the strength of relationships and respect within the family.

Family Business 201 Webinar Series

Six new webinars specifically developed for family-owned businesses.

These practical and down to earth webinars will give you tools and methods you can apply to your family business now.

Family Charter

A Family Charter is essential for the long-term success of your business and family. We have 18 years of experience creating and guiding families through the process of creating their own Family Charter that both transforms their family and enables their business to thrive and grow.

Philip’s Latest Interview: with Sidekick – NZ’s leading Accounting/Finance Firm

Philip Pryor had a great conversation with Ric Thorpe from Sidekick.  They covered a whole range of issues facing family business including what do family businesses need to do to grow and thrive, what sort of structures do they need to set up and what are the challenges—we’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

Client testimonials

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Philip also ensured that our change management process was as transparent as it could be. His one-on-one meetings with the various family members prevented conflict from arising … there’s a heap of emotion involved in our business.”


Garry Beard, Director, A.H.Beard

“At the end of the day, it’s not so much about the business but about the family. Philip has enabled us all to speak our minds about the business and walk away as a loving family. There would be a number of us who wouldn’t be talking to one another if we hadn’t had Philip working with us for the past five years.”

Anthea Hammon, General Manager, Scenic World

“Our issues were not so much about the business, they were centred around the relationship between the seven family members: my parents, myself and my four younger sisters. Philip’s biggest achievement was bringing our family together.

Philip is now helping us step up to the succession plate through leadership and business training. He’s teaching us how to communicate with each other in order to make informed, intelligent business decisions. He continues to raise the bar!”

David Hammon, Director, Hammons Holdings

“As our Family Business Adviser, Philip has provided us with ongoing support and guidance in developing the knowledge and taking the right steps to a successful succession plan. His professionalism, knowledge and quality of work have allowed us to progress with ease into the next levels of succession and in doing so he has become an invaluable member of our team.”

Michelle Corby CA, Company Accountant, Mangan Logging

“Philip has worked with our family since 2012. In that time he has provided valuable facilitation and guidance to the family, which has enabled us to resolve some significant issues leading to much improved family relationships. He has also worked closely with our other advisers and Chairman of our board to resolve family and ownership issues that impact both the family and the business. He is now helping the next generation get ready to take over as owners of the business.”

Anthea Hammon, General Manager, Scenic World

“Phil quickly understood the drivers of our business, which allowed him to ask the hard questions and to cut through any tensions or silo based issues that often confront a sales/project delivery oriented company.”

John Hewitt

“Phil is a professional, urbane, free thinker who quickly gains the confidence of executive management and staff alike and is also very prepared to make the ‘touch calls’ when required. In my view Phil is not your typical consultant and actively becomes a part of, and understands, your business so his input and advice are commercially sound and business focused.”

Steve Booth Directory, HR Yokogawa

“It became apparent to me that  I needed more help managing the family than managing the business. The forum group run by Philip is far and away the most valuable component of my involvement with the organization. My experience in forums is that it is all about the people. The other family business owners need to be able to dig deep and give as much as they can whist at the same time taking some heat as well. The other component of a successful forum is the facilitator and Philip is the best I’ve ever had. He knows when to be visible and keep us on track but every more so, he knows when to be invisible. In my humble opinion, this is an art not a science and he does it brilliantly.”

Kevin Smaller

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