Adviser training program

FBC-Adviser training program

As professional advisers working with family farms and businesses we know how challenging yet rewarding the work is.

Navigating the intricate dynamics within a family business can be hard… especially when your skills lie in a completely different field.

Whether you are a lawyer, accountant, insurance specialist or financial wizard, the more you can manage the ‘family’ side of things in a family business, the more effective you are going to be.

Our aim is to give you the skills and knowledge to manage the family dynamics, the tough emotions, and the confronting conflicts effectively so that the expertise you bring has maximum positive impact on the family.

Family Business Central has developed a series of training programs that are designed to support and enhance your skills and enable you to improve your rapport with your family business clients.

Series of training programs

This training will give you the tools you need to provide a well-rounded and effective service to your clients.

The training workshop topics include:

● Introduction to managing complex family dynamics
● Building long lasting relationships with different family members
● Managing difficult relationships within a family
● Dealing with and managing emotions
● Challenging conversation skills
● Family business communication skills
● Managing Next Gen and Current Gen relationships

In-house training programs

We understand how out of control or unresolved conflict within the family business impacts your ability to effectively deliver your service. It can be daunting especially when you know there is the potential for arguments to erupt.

We will teach you how to handle emotionally charged situations so that you can feel more confident when emotions start rising in your family business clients.

We’re running our Adviser Training program as a public program around the country or, as in-house programs for larger organisations with many advisers. We’re also happy to tailor the program to your specific needs

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