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The Family Business Central Team

Philip Pryor

Meet the founder

“I know the governance and strategic issues that family businesses need to address in order to grow, thrive and build a legacy.”

Philip Pryor is no stranger to the wonderful world of family business.

During his childhood, Philip’s parents ran a real estate and travel agency in Blenheim, New Zealand.

Following graduation from Otago University with a degree in psychology, Philip went on to forge a career in business governance.

His legacy spans the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand, where he spent his career as an adviser to Government, the corporate sector, universities and not-for-profits.

Following three decades working at developing effective business leaders and managers, Philip turned his attention back to family business.

“The core values I work on are honesty, transparency and fairness. These principles are the foundation of all successful family businesses and are what drives Family Business Central.”

Philip has an acute awareness of the risks that come with running a family business: from loss of business to broken relationships or how to expand and grow your family business.

“I work with family businesses to develop clear, practical solutions that pass the test of time.”

Family Business Central uses a proven process to identify, analyse and provide strategies for family business governance matters. It achieves this by establishing trust with individual family members and hearing the concerns of everyone involved in the family business. Thanks to Philip, Family Business Central has a reputation for being a trusted and reliable resource for resolving extremely difficult family business issues and problems.

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bob selden

Bob Selden Regional Manager

Bob’s first career as a bank manager was where he worked out what motivates people …

…and a desire to find out what gets people going (and keeps them going) has become his life’s work.

Bob applies this learning about ‘people motivation’ to both work and play, advising businesses both small and large on ‘how to get the best out of their people’, and coaching sporting teams including consulting as a coach to rowing coaches at the NSW Academy of Sport.

‘My role as a coach, is to help people improve their vision – to see things from a different perspective.’

Bob quickly learned that the words we use have a major impact on the actions we take and the actions we want others to take. As a result he’s written a book about ‘words’ – it’s called ‘Don’t: How using the right words will change your life’. As you may have guessed from the title, it’s aimed at helping people (everyone) become more positive through choosing the right words.

He’s also written a best-selling management book (65,000 copies in four languages) titled ‘What To Do When You become The Boss’, an essential and very practical read for new managers, particularly family business managers.

‘In working with family businesses, my role is to help the family members who work in the business to become better managers (both of themselves and others) by using proven and at all times practical, effective, management techniques.’

Over the last 30 years, Bob has worked with organisations, small and large, family, private and government, to help them improve the way they manage their people. For 12 of those years he was a co-owner in a family business … and this, together with many family business consulting assignments, has given him a first-hand understanding of what makes family businesses successful … as he says, in a word ‘family’.

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Viv Crick

Vivian Crick Senior Consultant

“My strength is looking at complex situations… taking them apart… developing solutions that will align with people’s goals and negotiating how to get there.”

As one of Family Business Central’s key senior consultants, Vivian brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the family business space.

Vivian has an innate ability to listen and connect with people. She is skilled at mediating challenging conversations and bridging the gap between individuals with conflicting opinions. Vivian can really hear what is going on within your family business and find creative, elegant solutions to help you achieve your goals. She is a master of reading between the lines and determining what needs to be said or done at the right time.

“I enjoy having conversations in such a way that everybody feels like it’s a win-win… even though it’s not coloured the same hue that they originally started with.”

With a degree in Occupational Therapy, Vivian has worked for large corporates developing processes, creating business structures and streamlining communication channels. She has extensive experience in implementing injury management health and safety systems that actually work in the real world.

In her role, Vivian is involved in much of the Family Business Central strategic planning: developing our workshops and consulting with clients.

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