About Family Business Central

The business of family...

We founded Family Business Central to help family businesses survive and thrive for generations to come. It’s no secret that the success of your business relies on the strength of your family relationships.

Experience has taught us the biggest threat to the continued success of a family business is lingering disputes, disagreements and changes in leadership.

Is a breakdown in communication between family members creating internal upheaval?

Are negative family relationships impacting on the running of your business?

We’re here to help you minimise risk and unlock the full potential of your business. To achieve this, we work with your family to strengthen the bonds that hold it together.

“United you will never be divided … is our guiding creed. Which is why it’s our priority to work with every member of your family to deliver accord and create resilience.”

Planning for Future

Planning for the future...

Your family business is much more than a source of income. It’s your family’s story – past, present and future – and we know it’s a legacy worth protecting. We work with every family member to ensure the business has the right structures in place to succeed.

Family Business Central can help you resolve existing family disputes and prevent future tensions from arising.

We do this by providing you with specialist information, support and advice to build your family relationships and your business.

Relationship Matters

Because relationships matter...

Family Business Central knows what makes family businesses tick and has helped more than 40 families structure their businesses to ensure viability for future generations.

We know that a family business is nothing if there’s no family to support it. So we’ve developed a unique process to keep the family together.

We identify the strengths and weaknesses of your family unit and the business. From this position, we find out what needs to be done and how.

Family Business Central

To be continued...

Our goal is to identify, understand and provide a solution for your family business’s needs.

Whether it’s developing a succession plan, organising wills and the estate, designing a family charter or advising on how to grow the business beyond the family unit…

…you can expect improved relationships with family members, better business structures and a sustainable business blueprint as a result of the Family Business Central process.

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