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Family Business Central features in the NZ Herald

Recently, Family Business Central founder Philip Pryor was interviewed by Pattrick Smellie from BusinessDesk at the NZ Herald, on lessons from family businesses to a post-COVID world. Special thanks to BusinessDesk for their permission to publish this. Click here to view the article:

Pattrick Smellie – Lessons from Family Business to a post COVID world

Family Business Cenral - Los Angeles trip

Family Business Central in Los Angeles

We’ve taken to the skies early in 2020 with a trip to Los Angeles for some very interesting meetings.

Family Business Central’s CEO, Philip Pryor, met with two distinguished family business specialists to discuss collaboration and what lies ahead for family businesses around the world.

Full article here

Edelman Trust Barometer

Back in 2017, Edelman interviewed over 15,000 people worldwide and they developed a special report for family business. The information supplied in the report is very impressive and one of the key takeaways from the data is that people trust family businesses more than regular commercial organisations. People like buying from family businesses and the research tells us that people are even willing to pay more for goods or services because you are a family business.

Click here to read the full report online.

Communication in Family Business

2NUR Radio March 2019 - Communication in Family Business

Philip Pryor chats with Julian Campbell on 2NUR’s Business, the Law and You. He discusses the importance of communication within the family business.

He covers topics such as creating clear expectations, understanding challenges with relationships and how to manage emotions.

Listen to the radio interview here.

NZ Business

NZBusiness feature the Christmas Dinner Rule

Philip Pryor’s Christmas Dinner Rule resonates with many family business members.

So much so that the article was recently featured on NZBusiness. It highlights the importance of enjoying each other’s company during the holiday season and how to keep business matters separate from special family time.

Full article here

phillip pryor

The Listener July 2018 - The secrets to a successful family-run business or trust

Family Business Central chief executive Philip Pryor describes family businesses as “that potent brew of love and money” that can bring out all the good things that family businesses foster…

But they also carry the potential for conflicts rooted in personal history to shatter not only the family, but the business, too.

Full article here 

Accentuate the Positive

RNZ Radio July 2018 - Keeping the business in the family

Family businesses – they’re not all mum-and-dad corner shops, and there are more of them than you think.

But as you can imagine, they can problematic to run: after all, when family’s involved, there’s more than money at stake.

Listen to the radio interview here

tomato farm family

A SBS interview - It’s not personal, it’s business: succession planning

Philip Pryor, Founder of Family Business Central, explains the importance of succession planning within a family business.

“Good succession planning doesn’t have to create disputes; it can create challenging conversations, but that’s fine. Those are important conversations to be had.”

Watch the full interview here

family bakery business

SBS Insight - What happens when you mix family and business?

It’s difficult to get along with family at the best of times. So, what’s it like going into business with them?

This SBS insight program looks behind the scenes of family operated businesses… which make up 70% of businesses in Australia.

Watch the full program here

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