Our collection of videos covers many different topics. You can learn about Family Business Central services, some of the challenges faced by family businesses and our tips to help you navigate your way through common issues.

What We Do

Family Businesses

Philip Pryor, CEO, discusses the strength of family businesses and how passionate we are about working with them.

Family Business Legacy Journey

There are key points within this journey that we think are worth acknowledging and supporting to help you secure your business for future generations.

The Four Circle Model

Philip talks about the importance of transparency, honesty, fairness and trust within a family business.

The Family Charter

Learn about how a Family Charter can help your family business. Discuss goals, values, individual roles and what is important to each family member.

Rule #1 for Family Business

The No Surprises Rule is to have the difficult conversations before it’s too late, because no matter how worried you might be about them, they are never as bad as you think.

Different Hats in Family Business

Being able to keep your roles separated is important to maintain business and family harmony.

Edelman Trust Barometer

Research tells us that people like buying from family businesses… they are even willing to pay more for goods or services because you are a family business.

Family Business Governance

If you are a Family Business… you are not an SME. It can be confusing, but Philip Pryor explains the difference between business governance an family governance.

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