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Family Business Adviser

FBC-Philip Pryor Speaker

Philip Pryor is a specialist family business adviser with decades of experience. His knowledge and understanding of the nuances within family business are unparalleled.

Over the years he has helped to create better managers, leaders and businesses across the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

As a presenter or MC, Philip brings warmth, professionalism and humour to an event.

“A fantastic speaker who gives so much relevant information.”
Bevan M, Icehouse event

Family business is a valuable legacy

Philip believes that every family business is a valuable legacy. He develops practical strategies that help business owners grow and protect their family and their business… while staying true to the family’s values and goals.

He partners with businesses to create sustainable solutions for succession planning, business governance, family charters and dispute resolution.

Philip’s passion is undeniable. He is focused and dedicated. His presentations are highly interactive and his workshops leave audiences motivated to take the next step towards their business goals.

Philip can theme his presentation to align with your event, or he can speak on a specific aspect of family business customised to your audience. Presentations include keynote and workshop style. Plus, he can act as the MC and host your entire event.

“Philip Pryor presented at our recent Chamber Innovation Summit to 100+ business leaders. Philip gave an engaging and thought-provoking presentation around family business. He was very professional and able to communicate his messages clearly in an insightful manner that fully engaged with the business audience.”

– Anna Mickell, CEO, Queenstown Chamber of Commerce

Most requested topics

These are Phil’s most requested topics:

1. Innovation in Family Business
Family Business is the seedbed of innovation – a place where creativity is allowed to flourish and is supported by mentors who are deeply committed to business success.

Within a family business, people are allowed to think differently, ask questions and challenge ideas – and they don’t just accept the status quo. It is the ideal environment to foster innovation and make quick decisions around implementation.

2. What makes an effective Family Business?
There are three core elements of an effective family business: honesty, fairness and transparency.

These qualities are key to the longevity of an effective family business. How these traits are recorded and communicated to all family members is not only important but necessary. It’s called a Family Charter.

The Family Business Legacy

3. The Family Business Legacy
Most family businesses start with a simple idea.
It’s rare for a group of family members to sit down and say, ‘Let’s start a business together.’ More often, it is one person who has the enthusiasm and is motivated to try something new.

This is the beginning of the Family Business Legacy Journey and there are many steps along the way that are worth acknowledging and supporting to help secure your business for future generations.

4. Influencing and communicating
This globally appreciated topic is central to so much of our work and family environments. Philip provides a unique insight into how we communicate and get our message across. He engages the audience with a series of small practical steps that can significantly improve the skills of communicating and influencing.

Recent Speaking Engagements

Recent Speaking Engagements

Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)
Curtin University
Family Business Australia (FBA)
Fidelity Insurance
Icehouse NZ
Queenstown Chamber of Commerce
Radio New Zealand
SBS Australia
Seven Network Australia
University of Sydney
University of Technology Sydney (UTS)
Vodafone NZ
2019 Growfarm Conference

“I loved this session. We do not currently do this well and I have taken away a large list of action items. Phil provided some great practical advice which can be implemented by all family members.”

Audience member, FBA Conference

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