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We accentuate the positive…

Your journey at Family Business Central begins with us getting to know you and your family … and ends with calmer relationships, clearer understandings and a single vision for the future.


We eliminate the negative...

At each stage of the Family Business Central process, we provide you and your family with insights into the issues facing your business. We then get to work on resolving them together, as a team.


We help you grow and prosper...

As we uncover the underlying issues within the business, we’ll make recommendations to you and your family. From here they become the building blocks of consensus and a sensible and achievable plan for moving forward.

  • Listen - Learn - Uncover

    It’s our priority to get to know you and your family first. We learn what makes your family business tick and why it’s unique. This is the start of the discovery phase. As we progress together, we identify the strengths and weaknesses of the business. Our job is to incorporate the family’s feedback into the solutions we propose.

  • Trust - Awareness - Understanding

    Gaining the trust of your family underpins the success of our process. At every touch point we communicate with each family member so there’s a shared awareness. One of our roles is to provide an open line of communication between family members who may find it difficult to speak openly to one another. That way everyone understands the situation.

  • Meet - Present - Discuss

    We regularly meet with you and your family to maintain an open dialogue. We analyse the feedback we receive about your business, and we openly discuss it with the family unit. We’ll make recommendations for your business and also facilitate group discussions. It’s this step in the process that enables the family to reach an agreement.

  • Consensus - Path - Progress

    When all family members are on the same page about issues and potential solutions, we’re able to move forward to focus and clarity. Once our recommendations are accepted, we develop a workable strategy consisting of short, medium and long-term goals. Our strategy is based on the financial situation and priorities of your business.

  • Strategy - Clarity - Growth

    Our strategy is a set of dynamic actions and tasks that achieve your desired goal. We ensure that everyone is consulted, feels heard and is clear on the course of action. With effective management and organisational strategies now in place, the only direction for your family business is onward and upward.

If you want peace of mind that your family business will survive and thrive for generations to come, contact us to find out how we can help you achieve this goal.

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