FBC Family Business Conference

Thursday 4th April 2019
Caccia Birch House 130 Te Awe Awe Street Palmerston North 4410

This exciting and unique one day conference is for anyone who is involved in a family business or farm. It provides practical, down to earth information as well as a chance to share ideas and experiences with other family businesses.

FBC - Family Business Conference

Workshops available on the day include:

  • Building your family business for a successful sale
  • How to prepare for potential financial crises
  • Building and managing your family and business capital
  • Developing a successful family business strategy
  • How to have those difficult family conversations
  • Planning your legacy for future generations

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Family Business Confidential

Family Business Confidential

Family Business Confidential groups consist of family members meeting with other family members from non-competing businesses 10 times a year.

Here you can discuss your family and the business and how they impact on each other.

Contact us now to find out the location of your nearest group.

Challenging Conversations Skills Workshop

Wednesday 17 April 2019, 12.30pm – 5pm
Level 16, 157 Lambton Quay Wellington

Challenging conversations strike fear into most of our hearts. Poorly done and the consequences can be terrible. Yet if we ignore them, they only gets worse.

It does not have to be this way!

You can learn how to have the difficult conversations you need to have with family members and staff in a way that achieves what you want and often strengthens relationships.

Challenging Conversations Skills Workshop

At this workshop you’ll learn to:

  • Structure and frame your conversations so they work.
  • Manage other people’s emotions.
  • Manage your emotions.
  • Prepare and find the right words.
  • Turn it into a constructive problem solving conversation.
  • Get your message across without them taking it personally.

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Successful Succession Workshop

Thursday 18 April 2019, am – 12.30pm
Level 16, 157 Lambton Quay Wellington

Succession is the biggest challenge for family business — we know this and the Economist in 2015* said exactly the same thing.
We also know that only 30% of businesses make it to the next generation.
This workshop takes you through what you need to do to vastly improve those statistics.

Successful Succession Workshop

At the workshop you’ll learn:

  • The key conversations you need to have with the family.
  • How to approach the difficult topics.
  • How to use the fairness, transparency and honesty model.
  • How to develop good family governance for your family.
  • What type of business structures and governance you need for successful succession.
  • The options with the Next Gen.
  • Managing Founder’s Syndrome.

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Communication Skills Workshop

Friday 19 April 2019, am – 12.30pm
Level 16, 157 Lambton Quay Wellington

For any business but especially family business, being able to communicate effectively is critical. The mix of love and money is a potent brew and good communication skills enable you to manage this mix.

Do you find your communication often seem to go around in circles? Do you find that you think you’ve resolved something only to find it resurface a couple of weeks later?

Communication Skills Workshop

At the workshop you’ll learn:

  • What effective communication really is.
  • How to target your message for individuals as well as groups.
  • How to make sure your message has got through and made the impact you want it to make.
  • How to manage ‘repeat offenders’ who don’t seem to get it.
  • Writing effective emails –hint—less is more.
  • How to communicate with your family who you love to bits but find it hard to say what you need to say.

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