1 Day Family Charter Program

One-Day Family Charter Program

Whether you are a family farm or family business, everyone always says, “we’ll never let the business damage the family!”

We know the biggest risk to any family business is misunderstandings and poor communication. However, with some basic frameworks in place, the risk to both the business and the family is significantly reduced.

Our One-Day Family Charter Workshop is designed to give you and your family the core framework to guide your family and business to a successful future.

“Very helpful workshop! Great to have everyone talk about their challenges and increase understanding of emotional issues.”

“Really well presented… truly thought provoking session.” 

We will give you a full list of topics that you and your family need to consider and all the questions that you should be discussing.

A practical workshop that immediately gets you using tools that help you build a great and long-lasting family business… it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been operating or the size of your business.

Just remember… all family businesses started with one person deciding to work with another family member… and taking a chance!

In the session, you and your family will learn:

Family Business - Practical workshop
  • The key decisions you need to make around the family and business, and how they are linked.
  • How to communicate with each other about the critically important family/business issues.
  • A framework and set of questions that address all areas the family and business need to cover.
  • The best way for the family to manage money.
  • How to clarify expectations for all family members around the business.
  • How to set up a family council to keep ‘family stuff’ separate from ‘business stuff’.
  • Clarify and manage the different roles of family members within the business.
  • The best process for the next person to take over the business.
  • How to identify your values and vision for the business that then guides all your future decisions.
  • How to manage fairness across the family (before it becomes a major conflict zone).

You will have the chance to share and learn with other family businesses who are in a similar position to yours and start a process that you can finish off at your own pace with the family at home.

“Lots of opportunity for peer discussions… it was great to step out of the business in order to focus on important topics.”

“This workshop broke the ice and gave the older kids a chance to discuss their thoughts and feelings. It also gave me insight into how they see their future within the business. Really very helpful.”

Share and learn

Pricing: The one day facilitated workshop including morning/afternoon tea and lunch, full access to the Family Business Central Family charter process/framework PLUS two hours of phone support post the workshop.

1 x family member = $1500
2 x family members = $1700
3 x family members = $1900

Stay tuned, we will be announcing 2020 dates for New Zealand very soon.

In the meantime you can contact us for more information.

Family Business Success Sessions

Family Business 101 Workshops

If you are a family business, you are not just another SME! There are important issues that are unique to family businesses that you need to get your head around.

They need to be tackled appropriately and when handled well, can allow the family and the business to grow and prosper for many generations… usually far more successfully and longer lasting than a normal SME.

The team at Family Business Central runs informative and thought provoking two hour sessions that are a fantastic opportunity for any family business to get an update on what they need to do and what they need to pay attention to… as a family and as a business.

Philip Pryor and Bob Selden discuss the key challenges that all family businesses need to think about and address.

Key things that all family businesses need

Topics covered include:

  • The key things that all family businesses need to do and have in place in order to grow and prosper.
  • How to avoid the disasters. (It’s easier than you think!)
  • What is successful succession? What do you need to do and watch out for?
  • Getting the next generation ready – What do they need to learn? What can they teach us?
  • How do you manage Founder’s Syndrome?
  • Setting up proper family governance to complement your business governance.
  • Getting the family aligned so that you’re all going in the same direction.

Some of these are invite only and some are open to all, so keep an eye out for upcoming session dates, or contact us today to arrange a time that suits you and your family members.

“It’s great learning about all the areas there are in being a family business and the important things that need attention.” – Hamish

“Good speaker… this is information you need.” – Bevan M.

“So much relevant information for us!” – Gaye S.

“I hope this session sparks a conversation about transparency.” – Louise

Challenging Conversations Skills Workshop

Challenging conversations strike fear into most of our hearts. Poorly done and the consequences can be terrible. Yet if we ignore them, they only gets worse.

It does not have to be this way!

You can learn how to have the difficult conversations you need to have with family members and staff in a way that achieves what you want and often strengthens relationships.

Challenging Conversations Skills Workshop

At this workshop you’ll learn to:

  • Structure and frame your conversations so they work.
  • Manage other people’s emotions.
  • Manage your emotions.
  • Prepare and find the right words.
  • Turn it into a constructive problem solving conversation.
  • Get your message across without them taking it personally.

Contact us for more information.

Successful Succession Workshop

Succession is the biggest challenge for family business — we know this and the Economist in 2015* said exactly the same thing.
We also know that only 30% of businesses make it to the next generation.
This workshop takes you through what you need to do to vastly improve those statistics.

Successful Succession Workshop

At the workshop you’ll learn:

  • The key conversations you need to have with the family.
  • How to approach the difficult topics.
  • How to use the fairness, transparency and honesty model.
  • How to develop good family governance for your family.
  • What type of business structures and governance you need for successful succession.
  • The options with the Next Gen.
  • Managing Founder’s Syndrome.

Contact us for more information

Communication Skills Workshop

For any business but especially family business, being able to communicate effectively is critical. The mix of love and money is a potent brew and good communication skills enable you to manage this mix.

Do you find your communication often seem to go around in circles? Do you find that you think you’ve resolved something only to find it resurface a couple of weeks later?

Communication Skills Workshop

At the workshop you’ll learn:

  • What effective communication really is.
  • How to target your message for individuals as well as groups.
  • How to make sure your message has got through and made the impact you want it to make.
  • How to manage ‘repeat offenders’ who don’t seem to get it.
  • Writing effective emails –hint—less is more.
  • How to communicate with your family who you love to bits but find it hard to say what you need to say.

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