A.H. Beard

A.H. Beard - Family is at the heart of the business

Spanning four generations, A.H. Beard is a family-owned business established in 1899. Their mattresses are proudly made in Australia and New Zealand. But they are more than a product – they are leaders in sleep innovation. Strong family values are important, and family is at the heart of everything they do. In 2012 they were inducted into Family Business Australia’s Hall of Fame, an incredible achievement.

AH Beard

A story of innovation

The message at the core of their business is Improving Lives Through Better Sleep.

This vision formed part of their brand refresh in 2014.

This is a company that does not stand still. They are innovators, change makers and pioneers. They contribute to community projects and environmental initiatives. They are proud of their story and their family run business.


Meeting the challenges head on

But like all family businesses, there are challenges. Growth, succession planning and leadership change are standard features of running a company.

But managing these things with your nearest and dearest can mean tricky dynamics.

That’s where Family Business Central comes in.

Garry Beard explains – “Philip has played a vitally important role in our fourth generation family business.

He has facilitated dramatic generational changes and been instrumental in keeping the lines of communication open. Philip also ensured that our change management process was as transparent as it could be.”

AH Beard

Managing emotions and preventing conflict

A.H. Beard is a successful business run by a beautiful big family. But they have to also have to juggle – any hint of dysfunction in the family/business dynamics can be distracting and lead to poor decision making. This is what Garry and the family wanted to avoid.

“Philip’s one-on-one meetings with the various family members prevented conflict from arising… there’s a heap of emotion involved in our business.”

Philip worked with the Beard family to strengthen the bonds that hold it together. He helped them to minimise risk and unlock the full potential of their business.

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